The Tracks

There are numerous walking tracks in the Rewanui Forest Park, all freely accessible to the public. The loops through the native bush ("Richardson Bush") are designed to visit as many of the big trees as possible. The Mt Clyde track involves a good steady climb but rewards you with stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The Exotics Loop takes you across the farm to some of our recent tree trial plantings. 

All the times given on the signs are very conservative and allow for plenty of pauses etc.

Download this map of some of our more popular tracks: Rewanui tracks

Track Conditions

Please take care during the winter season. Tracks can be slippery underfoot so wear appropriate footwear and take care.

Totara Loop

The Totara loop is marked red and will take about 1hr to complete from the car park, it is all easy grades but the surface is rough in places. There are some very old Totara, Hinau, and Rewarewa trees to be seen along the track.

Matai Loop

The Matai loop is marked in yellow and will take about 1hr 45min to walk. It is quite steep to negotiate and requires a moderate level of agility. As the name indicates there are some very good old Matai trees to be seen on this track. There is a grove of Matais a short distance from the junction with the Totara loop that is easy to visit without tackling the steeper sections of the track.  

Kowhai Track

The Kowhai track links the the Matai loop with the Mt Clyde valley.

Mt Clyde Trig

The Mt Clyde Trig is accessible via the blue route, this is mostly old farm tracks in open grassland and will take about 2 hours return journey. Spectacular views of the Wairarapa are to be seen from stages along the track and of course from the trig. The trig has an elevation of 505m and  involves a 315m climb.

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