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 Walking in Rewanui

A triangular marker indicates a direction to follow while a leaf shaped marker means keep going in the same general direction. The tracks are all accessed from the carpark at the woolshed by crossing the paddock to the west and then following the stream to the foot of the Mt Clyde Valley. Follow the green markers to the start of the tracks. We are currently in the process of upgrading the track markers by using white fibre glass poles at intervals along the tracks.

Most tracks are marked with white stakes and markers as shown

Onga Onga (Urtica ferox)

Rewanui has extensive areas of native bush that has been been subjected to various degrees of grazing over the years. The Foundation intends to preserve and enhance the remaining areas for the enjoyment of everyone. Unfortunately there are extensive areas of Onga Onga in and around the bush making it dangerous for people who are unaware of the extreme toxicity of this plant.

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