Tree Trial Data

Most of the Montfort Trimble Foundations objectives outlined in the Act of Parliament establishing the foundation deal with the production of timber. The foundation has embarked on a comprehensive series of trials to determine the performance of various species of indigenous and exotic tress that might suit the dry East Coast country. The trees are planted in blocks of about fifty and each tree is inividually identified and measured every year.



The results of the 2012 measurements are summarised in these two documents:

Exotics trial data

Indigenous trial data

Software has been developed to record and report on the progress of the trees. A feature of the program is the graphic reporting making it easy to see how each species is progressing. All data in the trial is stored as plain text files with the fields separated by tabs.

The program for viewing the data is available for downloading:

Download Install trees.exe version 3.1 (928kb)

The download is an installation file and the program should be installed in a folder on your computer that you have full rights to. The program is very simple and does not install anything else on your computer. It can be installed and run on a USB drive if desired.

The raw data can also be displayed and downoaded via the links below. Because the data is in plain text files your browser may display the contents rather than download to file. Right click on the page displayed and choose "Save to File" or "Export to Excel" to get the data on your computer.

The data is stored in columns separated by a tab character, the columns in the Blocks file are Block ID,Tree species,GPS easterly and northerly co-ordinates, and comments. The columns in the observations file are tree ID, block ID, observation date,height,diameter at base, diameter at chest height,vigour, and comments.

Indigenous trial

Exotic trial

Renerating Totara

Each block of trees has been assigned an alphabetical letter and each tree within the block a number so all trees are uniquely identified. Tree IDs are permanently written on aluminium tags attached to a stake next to each tree.


Discussion on trial layout at a typical site. Participants from the left are Stu Orme forest manager , Hilton Dickens farm forester, Peter Berg and David Bergen from Tane Tree Trust.


Views from near the trig

Views from near the trig


View of the trial terrain

View of the trial terrain

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